A SQL scratch pad created to help experienced developers write SQL quickly.

Sqrach is a syntax highlighted SQL editor with intelligent autocomplete functionality to help you minimize typing and flush out ideas quickly

Sqrach supports MySql, MariaDB, SQLite, Sql Server.

Designed for developers, Sqrach gives you perspective on the data, and suggests autocompletes and hints that help you focus on what you are creating instead of looking up details of the data structure. Sqrach suggests appropriate autocompletes for where you are, suggests relevant joins, keeps frequenly used columns handy, and reminds you of dependecies.

For more details check out the Sqrach guide.

Currently an early beta version is available.

Sqrach v 0.1 beta
source: https://github.com/fence-post/sqrach

Sql Editor / Autocomplete

Results View

Object View

Query Parser