Generator - 3d printed stackable (expandable) generator

DIY Linear Actuators

3d Printed Magnetic Gearbox

Bjorn Ommer - describes inner workings of diffusion models

OpenAI AGI Robot - Mathew Berman with updates on NVIDIA, 1x, Anduril, Boston Dynamics

Scott Walter - discussion of Tesla's position in robotics

Sergey Levine - discussion re the implications of reinforcement learning and the concept of embodied AI.

Scott Walter - an interview with an Aerospace Engineer who has co-founded two robotics companies

Unitree Faster Than Human Robot - Dr. Scott Walter reviews

Llama 3 trouble - Meta dealing with a similar issue

New Demo of Humanoid - Robotics expert Dr. Scott Walter reviews new video of Figure Humanoid walking and carrying totes

Elon Musk Space

Amazon new LLM - Amazon claims emergent abilities with 980M parameter LLM

Exciting Trends in Machine Learning - Jeff Dean highlights several trends in the field of AI and machine learning.

What is missing from current AI? - Interview with Brandon Rohrer

Google claims breakthrough in LLMs reasoning

Nvidea invests in ARM - Nvidia takes a stake in ARM holdings for ai chips

All In Podcast - discussion of current AI opportunities

Marc Raibert - Mark and Lex Friedman discuss Boston Dynamics and the Future of Robotics

Soft Robot: A Review - Soft robot technology

hello - We're announcing an exciting new partnership with ASUS

AI Tool That Animates Still Images Using LLMs - Apple researchers have unveiled a new AI tool which harnesses the power of large language models to animate static images through natural language prompts.

Y Combinator focuses on AI and Space - Silicon Valley institution has released a new list of 20 types of startups it wants to join its accelerator program — calling for applications in sectors like artificial intelligence-powered robotics.

Sam Altman says AI could be bad - Who gives AI authority?

UAE as global AI regulatory sandbox - Sam Altman sees the UAE as a potential leader in AI regulation, capable of serving as a controlled environment for testing and developing AI technologies

Sam Altman looking to raise trillions of dollars to manufacture AI chips - discussions with investors, including the United Arab Emirates, to raise funds for a groundbreaking technology initiative.

negotiations at an advanced stage - the media giant is close to being paid for its content by artificial intelligence companies